Welcome to the website of the Altrincham Aardvarx Ice Hockey Club!

The Altrincham Aardvarx are a recreational non-checking ice hockey team, aimed at beginner-level adult players of both genders. We started out at the Altrincham rink, and played there until the rink was closed down in March 2003. We currently train at Blackburn Arena on Saturday nights, on the ice from 11.15pm to 12.45am

The Aardvarx started as a group of Adult Novices who managed to get some ice time to give this ice hockey thing a go. That ethos has persisted and the training sessions are still run as a place where Adult Novices can come and try ice hockey.

If you are interested in joining us please contact us via the team e-mail: kevinrutter@myway.com

Please note: new players ice with advance agreement of the Head Coaches, so please don't turn up without contacting us and getting prior agreement in reply!

For game bookings, or would simply like further information, please contact our Game Coordinator Kevin Rutter at kevinrutter@myway.com

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Saturday 11th november 2012, overheard at training

Overheard At Training

40 years i've been in hockey changing rooms and thats the 1st time I've seen someone throw up in their helmet.

Fixtures and Results

2013 SEASON.

Saturday 19th January 2013:Wyre Seagulls 5 - 17 Aardvarx

Sunday 6th January 2013:Grimsby Stormers 11 - 0 Aardvarx

2011/2012 SEASON.

Friday 31st August 2012:Manchester Metros 5 - 3 Aardvarx

Sunday 5th August 2012:Aardvarx 16 - 4 Sheffield Vipers

Saturday 4th August 2012:Blackburn Falcons 11 - 4 Aardvarx

Sunday 29th July 2012:Grimsby Stormers 6 - 3 Aardvarx

Sunday 15th July 2012:Aardvarx 5 - 9 Manchester Metros

Sunday 1st July 2012: RAF Cosford Stars 4 - 7 Aardvarx B

Sunday 24th June 2012:Aardvarx 5 - 5 Altrincham Mustangs

Monday 28th May 2012: Blackburn Falcons 7 - 1 Aardvarx B

Sunday 27th May 2012: Aardvarx 4 - 0 Grimsby Stormers

Sunday 15th April 2012: Solihull Vipers 3 - 19 Aardvarx

Saturday 3rd March 2012: Tyneside Jesters 6 - 8 Aardvarx

Sunday 11th December 2011: Solihull Vipers 5 - 5 Aardvarx

Saturday 15th October 2011: Cleveland Comets 14 - 4 Aardvarx

2012 Belgium Tournament

Day 1

Game 1 Redskins 3 Aardvarx 0

Game 2 Aardvarx 1 Streatham 1

Day 2

Game 3 Aardvarx 1 Yetis 0

Game 4 Aardvarx 1 Islanders 2

Game 5 Russian Spirit 3 Aardvarx 3

Game 6 Aardvarx 6 Ugly Faces 0

Day 3

Game 7 Oxford 0 Aardvarx 1

Game 8 Aardvarx 2 Westminster 4

playoff game

Aardvarx 1 Yetis 2

2010/2011 SEASON.

Friday 16th September 2011: Manchester University Metros 3 - 3 Aardvarx

Sun 21st August 2011: Aardvarx 1 - 7 Cleveland Comets

Sat 13th August 2011: Aardvarx 4 - 6 Sheffield Ice Tigers

Sun 31st July 2011: Edinburgh Stingers 4 - 8 Aardvarx

Sun 10th July 2011: Aardvarx 2 - 4 Manchester University Metros

Sat 25th June 2011: Aardvarx 4 - 9 Durham Dragons

Sun 22nd May 2011: Aardvarx 3 - 2 Altrincham Mustangs

Sun 8th May 2011: Aardvarx 7 - 3 Nottingham Phantoms

Sun 10th April 2011: Sheffield Ice Tigers 3 - 8 Aardvarx

2011 Belgium Tournament

Day 1

Game 1 Kemphanen 2 Aardvarx 1

Game 2 Aardvarx 1 Ice Warriors 2

Game 3 Storks 5 Aardvarx 0

Game 4 Aardvarx 0 Flash Guns 2

Game 5 Rhinos 3 Aardvarx 1

Game 6 Russian Spirit 4 Aardvarx 1

Day 2

Game 7 Islanders 1 Aardvarx 2

Game 8 Pirates 1 Aardvarx 0

Game 9 Aardvarx 2 Firebirds 2

playoff game

Aardvarx 1 Pirates 2

2009/2010 SEASON.

Sun 22nd August 2010: Aardvarx 14 - 5 RAF Cosford Stars

Sun 8th August 2010: RAF Cosford Stars 8 - 14 Aardvarx

Sun 18th July 2010: Sheffield Ice Tigers 5 - 1 Aardvarx

Sat 10th July 2010: Aardvarx 6 - 5 Coventry Chaos

Sun 27th June 2010: Telford Spartans 8 - 5 Aardvarx

Sun 20th June 2010: Edinburgh Stingers 5 - 4 Aardvarx

Sun 13th June 2010: Aardvarx 4 - 15 Solihull Wolves

Sun 6th June 2010 : Flinshire Phantoms 6 - 11 Aardvarx

Sat 5th June 2010 : Aardvarx 11 - 2 Nottingham Phantoms

Sun 23rd May 2010 : Aardvarx 10 - 1 Sheffield Ice Tigers

Sun 16th May 2010 : Aardvarx 2 - 7 Flintshire Phantoms

Sat 1st May 2010 : Aardvarx 1 - 5 Edinburgh Stingers

Sun 18th April 2010: Coventry Chaos 6 - 6 Aardvarx

Sat 10th April 2010: Sheffield Vipers 2 - 3 Aardvarx

Sun 7th March 2010: Sheffield Ice Tigers 6 - 8 Aardvarx

Sat 23rd January 2010: Nottingham Phantoms 4 - 5 Aardvarx

Sat 21st November 2009: Sheffield Squeelers 6 - 0 Aardvarx

Sun 23rd August 2009: Aardvarx 6 - 3 Sheffield Ice Tigers

Sun 16th August 2009: Sheffield Ice Tigers 4 - 3 Aardvarx

Sun 9th August 2009: Aardvarx 1 - 9 Steel City Shoguns

Sun 2nd August 2009: Aardvarx 3 - 4 Sheffield Vipers

Latest News

10 years old

10th November, 2011

Happy Birthday Varx, we are 10 years old today ,10th november 2011

Belgium Tournament

27th April, 2011

As you can tell by looking at the results we didn`t win a single game on the 1st day of the tournament but we were in a different country playing against teams that play a totally different style of hockey than what we was used too. Day 1 We were unlucky not to come out with any points in the 1st two games especially in the 2nd game The game was tied at 1 with a few minutes left on the clock we thought we could push for the win but ended up sacrificing defence for offence and they punished us for it but it was a lesson learnt both games ended in 2-1 defeats. Game 3 was against a Dutch team called the Storks who ended up losing in the playoff final. As you can see we lost this one 5-0 and if I’m being honest this was the low point of the tournament. We just didn`t turn up to play. A couple of early goals and our heads dropped! The storks movement was good, they controlled the neutral zone, corners and there passing was crisp. We had no answer for there style of play or a player who we could only describe as the Dutch version of Tony Hand (yes he was good) Game 4 was against the host team and eventual tournament winners the flash guns! By looking at the league table and watching them play a couple of games we knew this game was going to be the hardest game of the tournament. This team was the total package they ticked all the boxes and didn`t show any signs of weakness. Team Morale was at a low and if we played like we did against the storks then the final score was going to be embarrassing. We decided to play a defensive game and hope that we could hit them on the break and nick a goal. The final score was 2-0 to the flash guns which ended up being the least amount of goals scored in a game by the flash guns in the entire tournament! Even though we lost everyone played great defensive hockey we pushed them to the outside, clogged up the slot and forced them to shoot from bad angles. Ryan made some great saves and we repaid the favour by clearing up the rebounds. This for me was our best performance in the tournament well done boys Game 5 was against another team from Holland called the rhinos. We lost 3-1 due to them icing ineligible players (one of who was tony von hand) who kindly set up 2 of there goals and scored the other one. If he hadn`t of been playing I’m pretty sure we could of pulled off a win or draw. Game 6 was against Russian spirit during the course of the day a couple of us had decided to follow the U.K rec fest tradition and boo the Russians whilst they were playing. I think this fired the Russians up and a combination of tired legs after playing 5 games and a player who can only be described as a player who can skate like Dima but also possessed amazing stick handling, hockey sense and very good shot sealed our fate the result was 4-1 victory for the Russians. At the end of day one we finished at the bottom of the table losing every game but we had learnt a lot about the passing European style hockey and how important it is to get a good start in 20 minute running clock games. After spending 12 hours at the rink a couple of the Varx decided to stay at the the rink for food in the café the others went to McDonalds it was time for food and a good nights sleep. Day 2 After a good nights sleep and a lie in due to our 1st game not starting until 10:25 the boys were feeling a lot better, we knew what to expect and a couple of us had shaken off what can only be described as a two day handover due too some stupidly but enjoyably excessive drinking on the Fri night. We arrived at the rink in time to watch the Flash guns against the Russians a couple of the varx who had stayed at the rink for food after the day 1 had finished gave there left over fries to the Russians. (Hence the phase what is this strange yellow cabbage?) From that moment on a bond was formed!! We cheered for the Russians and the Russians returned the favour you`d be surprised how much noise 16 of the varx can make!! The Varx and Russians turned the rinks atmosphere from none existant to electric! Game 7 was against the islanders a team that had finished day one in 3rd place. Just before we stepped onto the ice the coach of the other team was overheard saying “oh we`re easily going to beat these guys” this got us fired up!! We had decided today was a new day, yesterday day had gone and it was time to move on and play our game to it`s full potential. The result a 2-1 wins for the Varx!! finally the pieces had fit into place we had just shocked the team that was placed 3rd in league and we did it playing as team we got the lead then played a defensive game, everyone got stuck in we soaked every bit of pressure we were winning the 50/50 battles, diving in front of shots from the point and Bucky was making some great saves, this just frustrated the islanders until they had run out off ideas. After the game we were getting random players from other teams coming up to us and saying that was a great game to watch the Varx had just played there best game of the tournament and it felt really good Game 8 was against THE GERMANS! The pirates were sat above us in the league and had 2 points so a win and we could move above them on goal difference. After the great result in the last game we were fired up for this one! Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be we played another great team game and created plenty of good chances but a combination of good German shot blocking, good goaltending and 1 great end to end run by a German defenseman sealed a 1-0 win for the Germans. Game 9 was the last game of the league against another high ranked team called the firebirds we had played well against the better teams all weekend so why would this one be any different. After taking an early 1-0 lead and holding it until there was about 5 minutes to go the fire birds scored and the game was tied at 1! The firebirds had all the momentum and used it to create chance after chance until they got the go ahead goal with only a minute left, it felt as though the game was over and we had lost the team looked beat! J rallied the troops shouting “the games not over yet get to the faceoff”!! Bucky came to the bench and we went out with 6 players the ref dropped the puck with 30 seconds left on the clock after some great pressure from the 6 players on the ice we created a turnover. J shot the puck from the side boards and the bobbling puck found its way towards the goal which was met by a sprawling goalie, by some great act of god the puck went through the goalies legs and ended up in the back of the net with 3 seconds left! The rest of the Varx jumped over the bench and went to celebrate the draw with the 6 other players on the ice which resembled the scene in miracle were the yanks beat the USSR there was Gloves, helmets and Sticks everywhere. A great 2-2 draw this was definitely my high point of the tournament! Game 10 was the playoff game against the Germans who had beat us earlier on the day and we wasn’t going to let it happen again the boys were fired up. Right from the go we were relentless creating chance after chance everything was going our way and the goal was going to come until the same German player that had scored against us in the other game got a break and made the game 1-0 to the Germans. We didn’t change anything because the goal was going to come it was just a matter of time. With 15 minutes to go the Germans took a silly penalty, the crowd was making so much noise! (crowd being about 13 Russians and all the other teams we`d cheered for over the course of the day) after a minute of constant power play pressure and some great work by the defence to keep the puck in the zone the puck finally went in the net! This was met by a great celebration which involved the 5 varx players on the ice jumping on the crowd and celebrating with the Russians!! After all it was there chanting that got us all pumped up. We carried on for the rest of the game with constant pressure and shot after shot. To be fare to the Germans they defended well they blocked shots and there goalie made some great saves. With 10 seconds to go the same German player that had scored against us in the previous game and this one got a step on the D man knocked the puck by ash then somehow jumped over him!!! (It was amazing) and scored the breakaway. The clock read 20:00 and the Germans had beat us again 2-1 if we were going to lose this game it was going to take a special goal and that`s what happened. We left the ice to loud cheers from the Russians and a round of applause from the other teams that were watching. After not winning a game on the 1st day we turned up on the 2nd and played good hockey, created a great atmosphere when we watched other teams but most importantly we showed 9 other teams that we we`re capable of beating any of them when we play to our full potential. I`d just like to thank everyone who`ve made this happen especially Gaz, Tim, mark H and Mark J for organising everything. I think I speak for everyone when I say we all had a great time and it was worth every penny. Hopefully we can take everything we`ve learned from this weekend and use it to make us into an even better team this season. Well played Guys I think if we all carry on training hard for the rest of the year there`s no reason why we can`t go out and challenge for the top next year!!Who knows maybe even win it.


29th September, 2010

All existing players are now re-registered for season 2010/2011 Hows that for efficient? you're still insured for another day on the old insurance :)

Altrincham Session

3rd September, 2009

We have had to close the Altrincham session due to circumstances beyond our control. The Blackburn session is unaffected so normal training every saturday night as usual.

Team Photo

29th August, 2009

Back at the Varx vs Varx match in July we had a new team photo taken. Now I've got my arse in gear at last, you can all see it! Here in:

General Manager News

27th September, 2008

Richard Allan has resigned as General Manager. All Financial duties have been passed on to Tim Norse.

Game Coordinator

2nd September, 2008

Richard Allan has resigned as Game Coordinator, and Kevin Rutter has taken the position.

Committee Appointment

6th May, 2008

Tim Norse has been appointed to the Committee following the departure of Adam McArdle. Welcome aboard, Tim!

Committee News

5th May, 2008

Adam McArdle has stepped down from the Committee due to other commitments. The Committee thanks him for his services and wishes him well.

Committee Appointment

25th February, 2008

The Aardvarx Committee is pleased to welcome Mark Hathaway into its membership, following the stepping down of Ian Merrick. The Committee would like to thank Ian for his work, and to welcome Mark aboard!

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